Canto Masterclass

Dates and Hours:
400 lei/euro

Strada Cetății 3-5, Sibiu 550160, Romania


The Sibiu State Philharmonic organizes between September 2nd - September 8th, 2022, a Canto Masterclass, coordinated by lect.univ.dr. Florin Estefan, baritone and manager of the National Romanian Opera in Cluj Napoca. Lect. univ. dr. Lelia Serafinceanu (piano) and lect. univ. dr. Bianca Murariu (piano) will also take part.
The Masterclass is part of Sibiu Opera Festival.

Details regarding the Masterclass:
4 days of classes
3 days of microrecitals in Sibiu
1 interactive conference, hosted by Claudia Robu (TVR)
1 day of orchestra rehearsal, with the Sibiu State Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor David Schlager (Austria)
1 Opera Gala, with the Sibiu State Philharmonic - September 8th, 7pm - Thalia Hall, Sibiu

The best voice will be the Star of the 2022 Christmas Concert, with the Sibiu State Philharmonic Orchestra

Terms of participation:
Completing this form until August 27th, end of day
Payment of the participation tax, after receiving confirmation, respectively
400 lei - Romanian residents
400 euro - international residents
The participation tax includes: accommodation at a 4* hotel, breakfast, voucher for one meal / day
The participants must bring their own concert attire.
The participants must take part in the whole program.

Limited places.